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Some people get homesick. I get home, sick. (15.Oct.2010. @ 04:29)

100. (09.Oct.2010. @ 08:32)

Putuj, Evropo... (28.Sep.2010. @ 20:15)

Chugging a beer while taking a piss... Is that redundancy or an infinite loop? (25.Sep.2010. @ 04:42)

Dimmu fucking Borgir opened with fucking "Spellbound"!!!!11oneone (25.Sep.2010. @ 03:43)

"Steel of Swabia"... ROTFL-fucking-MAO. (23.Sep.2010. @ 04:11)

More people on stage than in audience. That's metal. (23.Sep.2010. @ 03:23)

Haters gonna hate, but Belgrade Beer Fest beats Oktoberfest any time. (22.Sep.2010. @ 11:23)

Last week in EU :( (21.Sep.2010. @ 20:16)

Thanks to @ShutterBLAST now I know what a CD would feel like if it could unwrap itself. (21.Sep.2010. @ 07:43)

We meet again, retarded train! (20.Sep.2010. @ 17:15)

I'm looking at my route-map and I can't stop thinking this: after Basel, things just got weird. (20.Sep.2010. @ 07:44)

Not only it takes great acrobatic skill to get to Liechtenstein, it apparently would cost 200CHF as well. Cancelled booking, ahoy! (18.Sep.2010. @ 22:50)

"Trains in Switzerland are punctual - like Swiss watches!". Well, this watch is 20 minutes retarded. (16.Sep.2010. @ 19:12)

Ženаmа nedostајem ја u KST-u. Meni nedostајem ја u ženаmа. Ovај, htedoh reći, KST. (10.Sep.2010. @ 16:57)

I feel like I'm in commercial for Swiss chocolate. (09.Sep.2010. @ 20:26)

The only waterproof thing I've got is my suitcase. I guess I should sit in it and ride to town as this manic rain just won't stop. (07.Sep.2010. @ 22:32)

My good-for-nothing American accent was good for something today: it got me a free mousse at McD's in Dijon :D (06.Sep.2010. @ 07:21)

I should apply for one of those "I've got talent" shows: I was walking in a wrong direction for so long that it turned right again (05.Sep.2010. @ 21:04)

Drinking Lucifer and singing "Destroy 2000 years of culture". In other words: fuck Dijon. (05.Sep.2010. @ 01:00)

In case you didn't know, Wacken is in Strasbourg. Don't believe me? Google it. (03.Sep.2010. @ 18:19)

Lazy in Luxembourg. (01.Sep.2010. @ 00:03)

City-wide hotspot? Cool. (31.Aug.2010. @ 20:27)

I'm aware that I'm currently helping, but this room fucking stinks! (31.Aug.2010. @ 14:21)

I wish someone would explain how the fuck does NS IC/Hispeed locomotive fail EVERY time I go to Belgium. I hate this train. (26.Aug.2010. @ 21:20)

In Bruges. Finally. (25.Aug.2010. @ 22:51)

Dear world, feel free to implode - Dutch train was so late I lost my connection. (25.Aug.2010. @ 21:05)

My new hobby: playing "Trololol mocks you for 57 minutes" in Apple stores worldwide. (25.Aug.2010. @ 05:37)

Belgian waffles. In Belgium. Omnomnom. (22.Aug.2010. @ 22:34)

Today in #fail: Forgot my headphones; ran to the tram-stop - the tram was 15 min late; and now the engine of the train is broken. (22.Aug.2010. @ 20:52)

Ovde u KST-u puštaju Finntroll, ali zato čekaš 2,5 sata da uđeš. (20.Aug.2010. @ 18:03)

SMK (dj) is on for half an hour already, and not a single sound is related to SMK. 31 EUR well spent. (15.Aug.2010. @ 01:35)

Three years ago, I wanted to go to Rotterdam. It rained. Today, I wanted to do the same thing. It's raining. Rotterdam hates me. (13.Aug.2010. @ 19:25)

Dutch clubbing is strange, to say the least. (10.Aug.2010. @ 11:44)

In immortal words of Björk Guðmundsdóttir: "Sometimes the things I do astound me". (08.Aug.2010. @ 23:23)

I love all-girl bands. Up to that point where all girls in audience are either gay or underaged. #FML (07.Aug.2010. @ 06:18)

British girls sound beautiful. Swedish girls look beautiful as well. (04.Aug.2010. @ 18:10)

My day was chiefly English today - I spent half of it in queues, and was even amazed by the shape and the dynamics of some queues. (04.Aug.2010. @ 05:40)

Roller coasters are like sex - you spend ages waiting for a bit of ecstasy that passes in a blink. (04.Aug.2010. @ 05:38)

I love Sweden. Up to that point where one beer costs almost as much as one lunch. (03.Aug.2010. @ 22:55)

Today, I was in a military submarine. #MLIA (03.Aug.2010. @ 04:41)

You just can't win a stare-off against a snake. (02.Aug.2010. @ 18:17)

Dear black metallers, I'm in a wooden church. Tempted? (31.Jul.2010. @ 19:38)

My first day in Norway: over 6 hours on train, heavy rain and laundrette. Oh, and no Internet. (30.Jul.2010. @ 02:24)

I'm in the middle of nowhere. Mountain goat is looking at me in disbilief. (29.Jul.2010. @ 00:34)

I just ate proper food. Cheaply. In Sweden. What just happened?! (26.Jul.2010. @ 19:42)

Purple train, purple train... (25.Jul.2010. @ 21:15)

My new hobby: standing in the street, stealing people's wireless. (24.Jul.2010. @ 19:16)

Inside jokes are the best... As long as you don't develop ones with yourself. (24.Jul.2010. @ 06:54)

Hostel hasn't got free WiFi, but Irish embassy has. (23.Jul.2010. @ 21:10)

One afternoon in København already beats 4 days in Hamburg. Take that, Germany! (23.Jul.2010. @ 06:57)

Earlier today I #trololol'd Altonaer Museum's guestbook. (21.Jul.2010. @ 03:46)

Further north I go, beer gets more expensive. If this behaviour is symmetrical, I'll go to Equatorial regions for some free beer. (20.Jul.2010. @ 03:50)

I like trains. #asdf (19.Jul.2010. @ 21:54)

Ukončete prosím výstup a nástup, dveře se zavírají. Příští stanice: Kačerov. (15.Jul.2010. @ 17:44)

Full lunch (tacos+beer) for just €6,16! Only in Poland (12.Jul.2010. @ 03:54)

Something tells me that I'll have to delete some of the last photos from the Kraków album, so check them while they're hot (11.Jul.2010. @ 03:53)

I communicate through the medium of fridge magnets. (08.Jul.2010. @ 03:07)

Thin titless Polish girls are HOT! (07.Jul.2010. @ 02:38)

Afternoon international boozing: drinking Czezh beer and Polish vodka in Slovakia in Serbian/French/German/Polish company. Win! (04.Jul.2010. @ 00:16)

This year's packing method: nothing else fits, thus I must have packed everything. (01.Jul.2010. @ 08:42)

Intending on contacting me within next 3+ months? Mind the new mobile: +447872223705 (30.Jun.2010. @ 08:15)

Yayness, Mom bought me an InterRail ticket! (27.Jun.2010. @ 04:31)


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